There is a growing consensus expressed by world leaders on the urgent need for ridding the world of nuclear weapons. A Nuclear Weapons Convention is widely recognized as the best negotiating process yet devised to bring about total nuclear disarmament. Leaders have supported the public campaign for zero nuclear weapons led by the Global Zero movement. Explore these links to other organizations pursuing goals of total nuclear disarmament.

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Canadian Pugwash Group

Disarming Conflict
Nuclear Abolition Forum See launch report for the inaugural issue, Oct 2011

Physicians For Global Survival Canada

Australians for a Nuclear Weapons Convention
See launch report by Katina Curtis, AAP

International Physicians For the Prevention Of Nuclear Weapons


Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs

The Hiroshima Declaration of the Pugwash Council, July 1995

Global Zer0


Global Zero Canada


Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Nobel Summit: Final Declaration on the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, Nov 2010

Middle Powers Initiative

Link Nuclear Weapons Convention to Humanitarian Law, MPI Panel Told, Oct 2010

Bulleting of the Atomic Scientists


Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy


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